Case Study Overview

ICON INTERIORS reached out to RVT Group Australia with dust control and extraction requirements during concrete cutting and demolition during a Medical Centre fit-out.

The Medical centre needed to remain open and in operation throughout the fit-out process. So a high level of dust control was necessary in order to prevent the migration of airborne hazards into the public areas where staff and patients are.


Cutting, grinding, sanding, drilling or demolishing concrete products that contain silica, such as during this fit out, can generate respirable particles of crystalline silica dust. If breathed in, this dust is very harmful and damaging to your lungs.

Crystalline Silica can be found in a very high percentage of other construction materials. Concrete, bricks, tiles, and stone all can contain elements of Silica. So it is vital that there is effective dust control in the area.

The dust was effectively captured at the source by the powerful DUSTEX Raptor Pro, and the silica exposure risk was removed. Dust migration to other areas of the Medical Centre was also prevented.


The Raptor Pro is a self-contained mobile dust filtration unit. It is designed to work with the highest level of HEPA Filter Dust Extractor to capture and filter dust from a wide range of applications, in a wide range of environments.

DUSTEX Raptor Pro
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The Raptor Pro unit was used onsite for the entire duration of the demolition activities. With the capture hood placed as close as possible to the source of the dust, it was able to easily capture the dust hazard and filter it. There was no dust migration to the other areas of the Medical Centre, and the silica hazard was removed.


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