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Protecting People and Our Environment

RVT Group are a specialist hire company with a unique consultative approach. We offer dust control, fume extraction, ventilation and noise control.

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RVT Group offer a variety of axial and centrifugal fans. Whether you need high-pressure or high-volume airflow we can offer a suitable solution.

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Dust Control

High air-flow dust extraction units with HEPA filtration, designed to help protect your team from lung diseases such as silicosis.

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Fume Extraction

Protect your team from harmful fumes, gases, mists and vapours. We can help with welding fume, exhaust fumes & other VOCs.

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Noise Control

Temporary Sound Insulation, Acoustic Barriers and Noise Enclosures for your construction and industrial projects.

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Over 4,000 companies trust RVT Group for their on site safety

Health hazard control on site

As the leading specialists in health hazard control on site, we apply our expertise to make sure your personnel are properly protected. To learn more about our product ranges, click on the icons below.

Dust control equipment

Dust is one of the main hazards facing on-site workers. A recent NHEWS Survey estimated that 39% of Australians are exposed to airborne hazards that can result in lung diseases such as Asthma, Cancer and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD).

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Noise control equipment

Noise at work can lead to serious safety risks for both your workers and the wider public. Excess noise can make warnings harder to hear, interfere with communications and lead to a range of medical conditions.

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Fume control euipment

Fumes are harmful solid particles, that can be generated by chemical reactions such as oxidisation and thermal breakdown, and are one of the key health risks facing site workers today.

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Exhaust fume control equipment

Work Safe Australia estimates that, annually, 1.2 million Australian workers are exposed to dangerous levels of diesel particulate matter in the workplace.

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Ventilation Equipment

Poor air quality puts the health of your workers at risk and can be a particular problem in confined areas. The presence of harmful fumes in the air can have an adverse effect on your long-term health.

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Our latest work

With over 25 years experience and access to the broadest range of specialist equipment, RVT are perfectly positioned to support a diverse range of sectors and industries.

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