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Cooling, heating and humidity control systems.

From heaters and drying-out equipment, to cooling and condensing solutions; RVT can accommodate all of your temporary climate control requirements.

Equipment Range

How to Achieve Effective Heating

A proven methodology, devised by the RVT Group, to ensure effective heating and drying-out.


In the winter months, construction sites can quickly become waterlogged and the cold damp air prevents internal walls from drying; which in turn causes project delays. The obvious solution is to hire a heater to raise the ambient temperature and dry-out the walls, however you must be careful not to dry out the building too quickly or unevenly, as this could cause cracks in the plaster or more serious structural damage.


Without heating or drying-out equipment on site, you not only risk failing to meet project deadlines, but you also risk the health and well being of your staff. Cold and damp conditions can leave workers more susceptible to cold and flu, a sore throat, norovirus and asthma.


RVT believe that effective climate control can be managed in three easy steps;

  1. Warmth - Heat raises the room temperature and so lowers the relative humidity of the air. This allows the air to absorb more water from surrounding surfaces.

  2. Air Movement – Air movement across a substrate draws the water to the surface, where it evaporates.

  3. Dehumidification – Dehumidification extracts water from the air, to be transferred from the work area.

Why Climex® is the original & preferred solution

Variety of Solutions

The Climex range consists of indirect oil-fired heaters, electric heaters, boilers, coolers and dehumidifiers

Effective Heating

Climex Indirect oil-fired heaters provide consistent movement of warm dry air ensuring that buildings are dryed out in the most effective way

Efficient Boilers

With heating capacities of up to 525kW, Climex temporary boilers are ideal for providing hot water and heating on site

Effective Cooling

RVT have a range of exhaust tube, split systems, evaporative coolers and fans for all of your cooling requirements


Our team of technical experts will be able to evaluate your climate control requirements and propose the most efficient solution


No matter the scale, RVT can tailor a solution to fit your requirements perfectly; from small retail units to large regional hospitals

Multiple Applications

RVT have a solution for all of your climate control requirements; albeit drying out plaster, heating a marquee, or providing climate control for food manufacturing

Fully Approved

All RVT products are fully approved to European standards and hold third party certification

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