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Dust Equipment

Hepa Filter Dust Extractor - DUSTEX Raptor Pro

The brand new Raptor Pro is a self-contained mobile dust filtration unit. It is designed to work with the highest level of HEPA Filter Dust Extractor to capture and filter dust from a wide range of applications, in a wide range of environments.

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Dustex Rapto Dust Filtration Unit

High Performance

Improved pressure development that delivers 30% more airflow

Filtration Monitoring

An audible alarm will sound when filters are in need of changing

Noise Levels

This new unit's noise level at 1m has now been reduced to 70dB


Moulded plastic casing improves durability and removes any sharp edges.

Product Details

The Raptor Pro has been designed for internal use to virtually eliminate dust migration; simply position the Raptor Pro outside of the sealed work area, and run the ducting and capture hood to where the dust is being produced; when the unit is switched on it will achieve an airflow of up to 2500 m3/ph, thus creating a negative pressure environment.

The initial HEPA Filter, in the Dust Extractor, is a grade EU4 washable filter and normally would be included as part of the kit hire price, but you can also select an EU7 filter, HEPA filter or Carbon filter as optional extras.

The unit is supplied with a 600mm x 600mm galvanised capture hood which, via ducting, is connected to a robust plastic moulded filter unit. Three stages of filter media sit within the plastic body (100% reliable seal), alongside a high performance mixed flow fan.

This unit can also be used in combination with Dustex containment systems, including; Dustex Dust Props, Dustex Pop-up tent, Dustex Air-Lock and the Dustex Dust Trap.

Registered Design and International Patent Pending

Key Product Features

  • High performance mixed flow fan, achieving 2500m3/ph air flow
  • 100% reliable filter seal
  • Can be used with H13 & H14 HEPA filters

Key applications

  • Extract and filter dust.
  • Create a negative pressure environment to eliminate migration of dust particles.
  • Ideal for use in sensitive environments to eliminate cross-contamination.

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