Case Study Overview

Visage Building Group is a complete construction service company, focused on the Commercial Property industry. They offer completely new builds; refurbishment works or even small repairs and commercial property maintenance.

They recently completed extensive refurbishment of a large retail space, located in the middle of a live shopping centre environment. After receiving several noise complaints, they approached the team at RVT requiring noise and dust control solutions to protect their team onsite, as well as the patrons of the surrounding shopping centre.


Too much dust and noise, caused by site work, can lead to serious health risks for both workers and the wider public. This is especially the case in this situation being a live retail environment.

Excessive noise can make warnings harder to hear, interfere with communications and lead to a range of long-term medical conditions. Dust generated onsite can also spread into other nearby areas, jeopardising the health of all those onsite and passers-by.


A SOUNDEX Multi-Purpose Enclosure was taken to the site, along with a DUSTEX Raptor Pro to support dust extraction. A large percentage of the works carried out inside the enclosure was tile cutting, so as well as the noise attenuation, the Raptor Pro was effective at eliminating the risk of silica dust exposure.

The team at Visage was impressed with the effectiveness of the kit, and the service offered by the RVT team.


Visage Building Group


Victoria Point, Queensland

Products Used