Case Study Overview

Astro Hire approached RVT Group Australia requiring two Cabin HEPA Filtration and Pressurisation systems. These were to be fitted to the fleet scheduled for works on the Cross River Rail tunnelling project in Brisbane.


Operating earthmoving equipment in poorly ventilated and dusty sites such as tunnels and mines can pose a risk to machine operators.

Although the operator is working from inside a closed cabin, there is still a very high risk of hazardous dust migrating into the cabin through the factory-fitted air-conditioning unit and through weak points in the door and window seals.

Efficient dust filtration for that level of low ventilation was needed to minimise exposure to airborne hazards.


A VENTEX 12v Cabin HEPA Filtration and Pressurisation system was fitted to each machine to pressurise the cabin and help to reduce cabin dust entry.

These units protect the operator from dust, increase the comfort inside the cabin and help extend the operating lifespan of the factory air conditioning system.

The unit can be adapted to fit remotely or directly on top of any air conditioner system, meaning most earthmoving machinery can be retrofitted with these units when additional filtration is required for the operator when working in mines, tunnel projects or dusty construction sites.

The HEPA filter element successfully removes 99% of dangerous particulate from the air, providing clean air to the operator inside the cabin. The cabin also becomes pressurised, meaning that no dust can enter through door or window seals.


Astro Hire / Cross River Rail


Glanmire, Brisbane

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