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Ravex Fumes Equipment

Our Ravex fume control range offers solutions for diesel exhaust fume extraction, welding fumes, paint fumes, chemical fumes and fumes from other volatile substances. Browse our fumes filter and extraction fan equipment available for hire.

Fume Control FAQ's

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Where will I find fumes on site?

Fumes are generated by a variety of activities on site, for example; welding fumes, diesel fumes, fumes from solvents and many more.

Up to 1.2M workers in Australia are exposed to dangerous levels of diesel exhaust fumes each year. This is due to the use of diesel vehicles or equipment, such as construction site plants, forklifts, lorries and tractors, and fixed-power sources, including compressors, generators, and power plants.

What are the health risks associated with fumes?

The concentration of toxins and duration of exposure can be the difference between feeling a little dizzy or dying within a few minutes, which is why it is so important to ensure that you have adequate ventilation and/ or extraction in place. Even if the concentration is low, excessive exposure over several years, can lead to the development of life threatening illness’s and diseases, such as cancer.

What are WELs?

WELs stands for Workplace Exposure Limits. There are 500 substances individually listed within EH40 with a workplace exposure limit, therefore we would strongly recommend that you download a free copy of this document from the HSE website. Employers must implement adequate controls to ensure that exposure limits are not breached.

What is a carcinogenic fume?

Carcinogenic substances are defined as either causing or helping cancer to grow.

Can I extract flammable fumes?

Yes, however the type of machinery you can use will depend on the scenario. If the fan needs to be situated within an Atex-rated area, the extraction unit must carry the relevant class of certification. However, if the unit will not be situated in an Atex zone area, you could use (a) non-Atex rated centrifugal fan. Centrifugal fans are safe to use with volatile fumes, because the motor sits outside of the airflow.

Can I extract hot works fumes/ sparks?

Yes, metal-bladed centrifugal fans are suitable for extracting heat and sparks. A Spark arrestor should be fitted to the intake of the extraction system if there is the danger of these being drawn in.

What is a carbon filter?

A carbon air filter or an activated charcoal air filter consists of treated charcoal. These will remove airborne contamination through the process of adsorption, whereby molecules chemically react to the treated charcoal. They are often used to remove gases and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).

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