Case Study Overview

Our Brisbane client came to us with a problem for a sensitive project at Greenslopes Private Hospital. They needed to demolish the existing outpatient reception area and required effective hazard control measures, such as RVT Group's dust control system to be put in place to protect air quality.


The reception was right next to the accident and emergency trauma area (which could not be interrupted from operating 24 hours 7 days a week). With only a thin temporary partition erected in between the two areas, maintaining a completely sterile and hospital grade air quality (whilst conducting a demolition next door), was always going to be a challenge.


RVT Group supplied a dust extraction system comprising a Ventex 300M fan and Dustex Wandafilta Plus (and associated ducting), to create a negative pressure system inside the demolition zone. What this method achieves is an air flow at every ingress point, moving to push the dust away from the sterile areas and back to the capture point.

The fan system creates this vacuum and pushes through the three stages of filtration to deliver clean healthy air. The system also protects against the spread of Crystalline Silica particles (the cause of Silicosis) and dangerous mould found in old buildings. Additionally, it filters out germs and microbes from infectious diseases.

Therefore, not only are the clinical workers and patients protected, but the construction workers and demolition crew are able to go home safely. With real time dust control monitoring in place, we were able to prove that our equipment prevented any dust ingress to the operating hospital area. Importantly, the demolition crew were looked after through the provision of clean air, which is a key component of workplace health and safety.


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