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Raising Awareness - Managing Diesel Fumes on Site

This whitepaper is raising awareness to protect workers’ health against the risks of diesel fumes

Safe Work Australia estimates that 1.2 million Australian workers were exposed to diesel exhaust in the workplace in 2011. This is due to the use of diesel vehicles or equipment, such as construction site plant, forklifts, lorries and tractors, and fixed-power sources, including compressors, generators and power plants.

Short-term exposure can cause irritation to the respiratory system and eyes. Chronic respiratory ill health, eg. coughing and feeling breathless, can seriously affect workers’ quality of life.

Long-term exposure is known to cause lung and bladder cancer. Cancer is linked with the particulates in the fumes - ie the soot - which are easily inhaled deep into the lungs and also oxides of sulphur and nitrogen present in the fumes.

This whitepaper covers;

  • - Legal Responsibility
  • - Formal Risk Assessments
  • - Key Control Measures
  • - DPM Monitoring

    Please note, this guide is designed to give site workers a basic understanding of what DEEEs are and how they should be managed on site. If you required more detailed information please refer back to the Safe Work Australia website.

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