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Best Practice Whitepaper: A Guide to Effective Ventilation

Our detailed best practice guide will help you achieve an effective performance from your ventilation system on site.

Every day, a huge range of construction activities are carried out that generate airborne hazards. If left uncontrolled, dangerous dust and fume can be inhaled by workers on site. An adequate supply of clean fresh air is vital for the health, wellbeing and efficiency of workers in any environment. Without it, workers could be overexposed to dangerous dust and fumes. Not only can this cause short term incapacitation through nausea, dizziness and loss of consciousness, but continuous overexposure can lead to serious long-term health problems such as COPD, Asbestosis and Cancer.

Our best practice guide breaks down the ventilation process into easy to follow stages, providing you with comprehensive advice on how to effectively and proactively assess your site environment before and during works.

For example, when calculating your ventilation requirements, things to consider may include;

  • How big is the work area?
  • Will you be using any machinery or equipment?
  • Does the activity create any hazards? Dust, fumes, heat or gases?
  • How many people will be involved?
  • How long will you be in there?
  • What are the routes of access?
  • How far away is the fresh air source?
  • How many air changes do I need?
  • What airflow and air pressure is required?

Alongside this advice, our ventilation experts also guide you through the safe setting up, maintaining and dismantling of your ventilation system. With these detailed and straightforward instructions, you will be able to use and care for your system with confidence, allowing you to provide a ventilation system that meets the necessary requirements and keeps your workers safe.

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