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Best Practice Whitepaper: A Guide to Effective Fume Control

Read up on how to achieve effective fume control on site with our comprehensive best practice guide.

39% of Australian workers are exposed to airborne hazards in the workplace with 23% being offered no protection from toxic respirable hazards. Having an effective fume control system on site is essential for the safety of your workers. Most people use the term “fume” very broadly, but to properly understand and control this hazard, we need to know exactly what we are dealing with.

Our best practice guide breaks down the fume control process into easy to follow stages, providing you with comprehensive advice on how to effectively and proactively assess your site environment before and during works. For example, when calculating your fume control requirements, things to consider may include;

  • Is it possible to do it another way which will reduce or eliminate the fume?
  • Can you cut using cold methods like reciprocating saws?
  • Can you bolt or rivet instead of welding?
  • Can you have materials prefabricated off-site?
  • Can you capture some, or all, of the fume at source by using on-tool extraction etc.?
  • Is there anything that you need to protect?
  • What is happening around your work area?
  • How well sealed is the area?
  • Can you reduce the size of your work area?
  • Where can you vent air to?

Alongside this advice, our fume control experts also guide you through the safe setting up, maintaining and dismantling of your fume control system. With these detailed and straightforward instructions, you will be able to use and care for your system with confidence, allowing you to provide a fume control system that meets the necessary requirements and keeps your workers safe.

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