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Ventilation Equipment

VENTEX Floor Fan 800M

Providing high air movement, the Floor Fan 800M is ideal where the requirement is for a strong flow of air to produce a cooling effect in factories, warehouses, workshops, gymnasiums and other large open-plan areas.

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Ventex Floor Fan 900 M_Ventilation Equipment

Powerful and Effective

Designed to move up to 18000 m3/ hour free air

Multiple Applications

Suitable for industrial cooling for warehouses, packing areas, factories etc


Can be used with products from the dustex range to create a negative pressure, in order to ensure than contaminates are kept contained

Quick and Easy to Install

This mobile unit can easily be pushed into position and plugged into a 110v supply

Product Details

Mobile and relatively compact, the 800M Floor Fan is designed to provide high air movement from a 16a 10v supply.
This can be used in the summer to create a cooling effect for those working in the immediate area. It can also be used in winter months to circulate warm, dry air for an even heating or drying effect.

Portable, light and with a tilting fan housing, the 800M can be quickly and easily moved into the required position. A three-speed control switch allows you to choose the most effective airflow for your environment.

Key Product Features

  • Powerful stand alone ventilation fan
  • Up to 18000 m3/hr from 110v supply
  • Suitable for Industrial Cooling for warehouses, packing areas, factories etc.
  • Install into enclosures to create negative pressures etc

Key applications

  • Localised cooling
  • Warm air distribution
  • Moisture removal

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VENTEX Floor Fan 800M Photos

Ventex Floor Fan 900 M_Cooling Ventilation Equipment
Ventex Floor Fan 900 M_Cooling Ventilation Equipment Hire

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