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Ventilation Equipment

VENTEX Centrifugal Fan 300M ATEX

A high airflow ATEX-approved centrifugal fan, suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. This is also ideal used as a fume extraction fan.

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Ventex Centrifugal Fan 300 M ATEX_Ventilation Equipment

Highly Efficient

Centrifugal fans are traditionally more efficient than axial fans; creating higher pressure and a steadier airflow

Ideal For Hot Works

A reliable solution for Hot fumes, Paint and other volatile fume extraction

ATEX Approved

Meets the safety requirements for use in an explosive atmosphere


Can easily be moved from one place to another on site

Product Details

Based on the Ventex Centrifugal Fan 300M, this unit has the same level of performance, but the motor has been changed to a low voltage motor to comply with the European ATEX Directive (2014/34/EC). This directive applies to the manufacture of products which are used in potentially explosive atmospheres. This high powered centrifugal fan has an airflow of 5400 m3/hr and is available with an optional 4-way spigot as pictured in the images below. When used with ducting, this unit is suitable for extracting contaminated air, or forcing in clean air, depending on set up.

Important Operational Instructions
Machine must be located on a firm level surface and secured if near an edge. Keep inlet area clear of any rubbish or debris. Keep duct runs as straight as possible.
Outlet fan / ducts should be pointed away from work areas / dusty environments. Filtration can be supplied if required. Motors get hot during use. Due to a high start current surge, the transformer should be wired to a board with a min. 20A trip.

Key Product Features

  • High powered centrifugal fan
  • 110V/415V
  • Supply Long duct runs up to 80 metres
  • Mobile use for dust and fume filtration
  • Suitable for extraction of exhaust or paint fumes
  • Available with soft start
  • Moves in excess of 15mtrs/sec when multiple 100mm ducts are on the intake

Key applications

  • High temperature extraction
  • Volatile fume extraction
  • Long distance ventilation
  • Diesel fumes extraction from static plant

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VENTEX Centrifugal Fan 300M ATEX Photos

Ventex Centrifugal Fan 300 M ATEX_Ventilation Equipment Hire
Ventex Centrifugal Fan 300 M ATEX_Ventilation Unit

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