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Noise Equipment

SOUNDEX Machinery Enclosure

This all-in-one enclosure presents an exceptionally quick solution for controlling the noise from small portable generators or compressors.

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Soundex Machinery Noise Enclosure

Small but Effective

Ideal for controlling noise from small generators

Quick and Easy to Install

Ensuring valuable time on site is not wasted

Robust but Lightweight

Industrial quality lightweight frame for durability


Folds down flat, so that it can easily be moved around site if required

Product Details

Designed for the purpose, it is ideal for short term works when time is at a premium, as it is extremely quick to erect. Easily transported to site it is ideal for night work shifts and emergency work. A generous air-flow allowance maintains safety and ensures against over-heating.

Key Product Features

  • Quick installation
  • Industrial quality lightweight frame Key
  • Very portable – folds down flat
  • Fire resistant

Key applications

  • Enclosing small generators and compressors

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