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Noise Equipment

SOUNDEX Cutting Enclosure

A stand-alone acoustic enclosure with internal lighting and a cutting deck.

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Superior Noise Reduction

Up to 32.3 dB

Size and Flexibility

Large, adaptable enclosure with quick access panel

Specifically Designed for Cutting

Complete with cutting deck for chopsaws, but can also be used to carry out hot works safely

Versatile and Durable

Waterproof, fire resistant, weather resistant and has anti-bacterial properties

Product Details

Quickly creating a standalone cutting zone within a site, the Soundex Cutting Enclosure has versatile capacity for long lengths of material, thanks to its unique left and right ports. The Cutting Enclosure also features internal lighting and a cutting deck which is ideal for chopsaws. The unit also has a vent, enabling you to use the unit in conjunction with a Dustex dust extraction and filtration solution.

The Cutting Enclosure is quickly erected and with the optional castors can be moved in relation to site works. This entire enclosure fits onto a single pallet making it easy to move around site. This industrial unit has a robust aluminium framework and features a fire/ water resistant sound-attenuation material.

Watch our video or request a copy of our Temporary Design Certificate.

Key Product Features

  • Up to 32.3 dB reduction in noise
  • Features a cutting deck and internal lighting
  • Quick and easy installation - 2 people/ 10 minutes
  • Fire resistant & waterproof
  • Industrial robust aluminium construction - Temporary Design Certificate available
  • Very portable - Features castors, but can also be folded down onto a single pallet to move around site

Key applications

  • Large industrial cutting projects
  • Ideal for internal and external use
  • Ideal for protecting the public from construction noise
  • Can be used in conjunction with our Dustex extraction units

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SOUNDEX Cutting Enclosure Photos