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Temporary Noise Barrier Hire

Onsite activities that produce over 80dB of noise are not only unsafe, but can cause serious health issues. This affects not just the workers onsite, but also the wider public. An RVT temporary noise barrier can help to reduce and control the risks of noise exposures on the worksite. Our temporary noise barriers hire products are the highest-quality fire-resistant, waterproof sound attenuation barriers that have been independently tested and certified. They work to Capture, Contain, and Control the noise hazard. See our wide range of noise equipment for hire that includes; noise barriers, curtains, scaffolding quilts, generator and cutting enclosures, breaker shrouds, and more.

Noise Control FAQ's

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What is the maximum noise exposure limit in the workplace?

According to the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (the Noise Regulations), the level at which employers must assess the risk to workers' health and provide them with information and training is 80 decibels. The level at which employers must provide hearing protection and hearing protection zones is 85 decibels (daily or weekly average exposure). The regulation also details an upper exposure limit value of 87 decibels. For more information please read the regulation in full.

What is the standard size of an acoustic curtain?

Sizes vary, however RVT offer the Soundex Acoustic Curtain which is 1250mm x 2500mm and the Soundex Acoustic Quilt which is 3600mm x 2050mm (which is designed to fit a standard security fence panel).

With regards to noise, what does it mean to ‘break the line of sight’?

Simply, it means to put a barrier in place so that the source of noise cannot be seen; by its very nature, this will reduce the noise heard by those on the other side of the barrier (in the ‘shadow zone’). The level of noise reduction will depend on the material and quality of the acoustic barrier being used. A high-quality acoustic enclosure, with walls and a roof, will be the most effective way to reduce noise at source, as there will be no line of sight from any angle.

Is the Soundex Cutting Enclosure suitable for hot works?

All Soundex products are flame resistant, however the Soundex Cutting Enclosure has the added benefit of a cutting bench. It also features a port for extraction to be fitted to remove dust or fumes. These features make the Soundex Cutting Enclosure ideal for hot works.

What acoustic solutions are available to the rail industry?

The Soundex Pile Wrap Attenuator has been designed specifically for the rail industry. This patented attenuator helps to reduce the noise from steel cylindrical piles during impact. Extra strong magnets hold the attenuator to the pile during each impact, while individual attenuators are joined with a Velcro connection, removing the requirement for extra straps or buckles.

RVT also offer the Soundex PyroTech LU Curtain, which was designed in conjunction with the London Underground to the extremely stringent BS6853:1999 standard. The LU Curtain is the only Class 0 fire rated acoustic barrier currently available which can be used in sub-surface environments, including areas within the London Underground.

Furthermore, the Soundex Micro Enclosure is often championed for track cutting. It is quick to erect and is available with GRP frames for working near live electrics.

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