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Exhaust Equipment

RAVEX Diesel Filter Kit HD90

Health & safety legislation requires that diesel engine exhaust emissions are controlled whenever they could create a health hazard.

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RAVEX Diesel Filter Kit HD90_Fume Extraction

Legal Compliance

This filter is fully compliant with COSHH regulations

Highly Effective

Removes 99% of particulate from diesel engines

Robust and Reliable

Ensuring you don't have any downtime on site


Compatible with most diesel plant machinery

Product Details

The HD90 is designed to be used with large mobile plant with engine sizes up to 90KW, and will remove approximately 99% of the particulate emissions.

Diesel filter kits should be used on all diesel plant machinery, especially when working in an enclosed space, such as a basement or warehouse.

How is the unit fitted? The filter housing needs to be physically attached to the body of the machine in a suitable place; a ratchet strap can be used. The intake is connected to the exhaust via a high-temperature universal adapter and 2m flexible hose.

What maintenance is required? The internal filter will require replacing when the surface has become a uniform dark grey, indicating the filter media is fully loaded. Due to differences in engine emissions from one machine to the next, the time taken for each filter to become full will vary. The larger and/or dirtier the machine, the quicker the filter will fill up; as a guide, filters commonly last 4-6 weeks.

The media is non-corrosive, non-combustible, non-alkaline and chemically stable. It possesses excellent heat resistance, flexibility and low thermal conductivity.

Note: Ravex exhaust filters are unsuitable for use on plant already fitted with regenerative DPF’s

Key Product Features

  • Proven performance
  • Complies with COSHH regulations
  • Robust and reliable with heat shield
  • Long lasting, high efficiency filter element
  • Removes 99% of particulate from diesel engines
  • Adaptable to most mobile and static diesel plant and machinery
  • Suitable for generators, diggers, handlers, piling rigs, excavators etc.

Key applications

  • Basement excavations
  • Generators & compressors
  • Warehouse construction Internal piling

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