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Dust Equipment

M Class Dust Extractor - DUSTEX Attix B1

The Dustex Attix B1 is an industrial M class dust extractor, designed to meet several construction site demands for managing dust.

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Dustex Attix B1 Dust Vacuum

High Capacity Vacuuming

The 70L container enables you to work for longer periods between emptying

Convenient & Efficient

The clever automatic on/off feature ensures that the vacuum only runs when your power tools are running

Cost Effective

Operating costs are minimised with the washable PET Fleece filter element

Fully Approved

Hazardous M class certified and ATEX zone 22 approved

Product Details

The Dustex Attix B1 is an industrial M class dust extractor, designed to meet several construction site demands for managing dust.

It has three separate capabilities:

  1. Standard Vacuum Cleaning, using a floor cleaning wand to collect settled dust and debris

  2. On-tool Dust Extraction for capturing dust through on-tool extraction ports. When using the 16a power take-off to run hand tools, the vacuum will be automatically turned on/off with the tool.

  3. Floor-Cleaning Bar* for quickly collecting dust from large floor areas. This 700mm wide bar enables large floor areas to be quickly and easily vacuumed in an ergonomically-friendly fashion.

With high suction performance, the B1 will easily collect large volumes of dust and debris. The correct airflow for each task is set by selecting the appropriate dial setting. An audible & visual alarm will indicate if the wrong setting has been selected, the filter is full, or the hose is blocked. Dust is collected in bags within a 70ltr hopper. When vacuuming liquids, either a plastic bag or no bag should be used.

*The Floor-Cleaning Bar is an additional item and is subject to availability.

Key Product Features

  • ATEX zone 22 approved
  • Hazardous M class certified
  • Long life EC motor
  • Auto ON/OFF for electric tools
  • Stainless steel container
  • Speed control
  • Soft start
  • Optional vacuuming kit available
  • Wet pick up option

Key applications

  • Construction dust
  • Wet dust & liquids
  • Small debris
  • Atex zone 22 areas

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Dustex Attix B1 Dust Vacuum for Hire
Dust Vacuum for Hire Australia
Dustex Attix B1 Dust Vacuum Australia

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