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Portable Dust Extraction Units For Hire

The Dustex range is suitable for a wide variety of activities; from demolition, to stone cutting and wall chasing. Our range of Portable Dust Extraction Units for hire includes; mist cannons, dust extraction units, vacuums, on-tool extraction, HEPA filtration units and more. Our high-power fans can also be used to create negative pressure to stop dust migration. Browse our wide range of portable dust equipment for hire below.

Dust Control FAQ's

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What is the maximum work exposure limit (WEL) for dust?

This answer isn’t straight forward. The COSHH definition of a substance hazardous to health includes “dust of any kind when present at a concentration in air equal to or greater than 10 mg.m-3 8-hour TWA of inhalable dust or 4 mg.m-3 8-hour TWA of respirable dust”. However, there are 500 substances individually listed within EH40 Workplace Exposure Limits, therefore we would strongly recommend that you download a free copy of this document from the HSE website.

What is silica dust?

Silica, often referred to as Quartz, is a natural mineral which is a major constituent of common building materials such as concrete, mortar, bricks and tiles. Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) is generated when these materials are worked, such as by being cut or ground. Silica particles have jagged edges which can become lodged in your lungs, causing Silicosis.

What are the best Dustex units for stonemasonry work?

The DustoMat 16 is specifically designed to manage the high volumes of stone dust created by dry-cutting masonry work. Where this is impractical due to site constraints, alternative Dustex options can be considered.

What are the best Dustex units for wood dust?

The DustoMat 10 is specifically designed to capture and filter sawdust and wood shavings from woodworking machinery.

What dust control products are available for demolition?

The Dustmaster and Wandafilta Plus units are popular for internal demolition. However, every project must be treated on its own merits, and the nature, scale and constraints of each will determine which unit is best suited for your application.

Are Dustex units portable?

The Raptor and Mini DustMaster are portable. The majority of Dustex units, such as the Dustmaster and Wandafilta Plus, are mobile, meaning that they can easily be moved around site as work progresses.

Can I extract hazardous dust?

Wherever possible, hazardous dust should be filtered rather than simply extracted from the work area, because the dust could create a hazard where it is being emitted. RVT provide equipment to manage a wide range of hazardous dusts (Excluding Asbestos); to ensure the best control measure solution is implemented, we would strongly recommend that you phone us on 1300 086 248 to discuss your requirements.

What is an EU4 filter?

An EU4 filter is classified as a filter which captures 90% of airborne particles, measured by weight. However, it must be remembered that the majority of harmful pollutants are so tiny that they make up only a tiny proportion of the dust by weight.

What is an EU7 filter?

An EU7 filter is classified as a filter which is between 80 and 90% efficient at capturing dust particles of 1 micron in size.

What is a HEPA filter?

HEPA stands high-efficiency particulate air, and refers to the efficiency of the filter at trapping extremely fine airborne particles. Filters are regarded as a ‘true HEPA’ (EU13 or higher) if they filter to an efficiency of more than 99.95% in 0.3 Microns in size.

Are the filters re-useable?

The EU4 filter is washable and can be re-used. EU7 and HEPA filters are disposable.

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