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Dust Equipment

DUSTEX Wandafilta

A portable dust filtration case, designed to capture and remove the bulk of visible dust.

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Dustex Wanda Filta Portable Dust Filtration

Extraction and Filtration

Extracting dust at source and capturing the particles in our high quality filtration system

Highly Effective

This powerful unit moves 3000m3/hr of free air, ensuring that the air quality always remains at a safe level


Enabling you to quickly and easily move the unit around site as required

Cost Effective

Our unique washable filters help to save you money

Product Details

The Wandafilta is a portable dust filtration case, designed to capture and remove the bulk of visible

The filter case and fan are linked with 300mm ducting, and the individual items can be moved separately before being connected together in position. The capture hood should stay close to the source of the dust, while the filter case and fan are sited away from the works and/or outside the working area.

The weight and maneuverability of the unit make it particularly well suited for tight-access situations within scaffolding. The Wandafilta holds an EU4 washable panel filter which is designed to capture the bulk of the heavy dust; this filter can then be removed and cleaned out as required. Alternatively, the Wandafilta can be used with Carbon Filters to control gasses and odours. The Wandfafilta is compatible with the Dustex range of enclosures

Key Product Features

  • Compatible with a range of fans
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Removes visible dust
  • Washable Filter
  • Capture dust at source

Key applications

  • Office refurbishments
  • Hospital refurbishments
  • General demolition

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Dustex Wanda Filta Portable Dust Filtration for Hire
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