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Dust Equipment

DUSTEX Wandafilta Plus

Powerful extraction and filtration kit, enabling filtered negative pressures to be achieved.

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Wandafilta Dust Extraction

Extration & Filtration

Extracting dust at source and capturing the particles in our high quality filteration system

Ideal For large areas

This powerful unit is called the 'Plus' because it moves an astonishing 6000m3/hr of free air

Suitable For Long Duct Runs

Unlike many competitor products, this highly powerful unit will maintain pressure over long duct runs

Cost Effective

Our unique washable filters help to save you money

Product Details

The Wandafilta Plus is a mobile filtration unit designed for extremely dusty construction tasks, such as heavy demolition and concrete alterations. This unit can also be used for fume extraction.

The WandaFilta Plus incorporates either a two or three-stage filtration system. The washable pre-filter is designed to capture the bulk of the heavy dust; this can then be removed and cleaned out as required to protect the consumable filters behind it. It’s secondary EU7 filter will remove all visible dust. Finally it can be fitted with a HEPA filter, making it suitable for eliminating hazardous dusts such as respirable crystalline silica.

When used with one of our Ventex fans, this unit can be used as a negative pressure dust extraction & filtration solution.

Want to hire this filter unit as part of a kit?

The WandaFilta Plus is designed for use with a capture hood, ducting and a high airflow fan. Ask us about out WandaFilta Plus Kit option or download the spec to learn more.

Key Product Features

  • Highly configurable, mobile and powerful
  • Up to 5,800m3 /hr airflow (when used with the Ventex CF 300M)
  • Effective with long duct runs
  • Up to HEPA filtration
  • Capture dust at source and create negative pressures
  • 110v 32a (when used with the Ventex CF 300M)

Key applications

  • Silica Dust
  • Gypsum Dust
  • Hardwood dust
  • Softwood Dust
  • Lead Dust
  • Other Metallic Dust
  • Organic Dust
  • Fibrous Dusts (excluding Asbestos)

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