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Dust Equipment

DUSTEX Hydramist 40GT

Hydramist 40GT is an all-in-one solution since it equips a 7500 dust control unit joined to a 2000 litres stainless steel water tank and a 20 kW power generator. A completely independent machine-usable in every kind of circumstance, even in remote areas.

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Hydra Mist Dust Control Unit

Controls Airborne Dust

Designed to protect the health of those nearby and to prevent damage to local property and the environment


The integrated tanks holds 2000L of water; which can reach a height of up to 17m and distances of up to 40m

Ideal For Big Projects

The mist covers and area of up to 4600m2.


This 'all-in-one' solution is perfect for a variety of applications, including remote locations

Product Details

The Hydramist 40GT is a self-contained, mobile dust suppression unit, designed for controlling large-scale dust emissions in locations without dedicated power and water supplies.

Incorporating its own diesel generator and 2,000ltr water tank, it can operate without the constraints of a dedicated power or water supply. With a road-tow chassis, this unit can be deployed almost anywhere at very short notice. If power is available in the required position, the generator can by bypassed and the unit run from the mains instead.

High water output makes this particularly suitable for very dusty activities such as demolition. The Hydramist 40GT should only be supplied with clean water.

With a ring of high-pressure atomising nozzles, the Hydramist 40GT emits a high-density spray of fine mist, designed to eliminate heavy dust concentrations. Neutralising agents can be added to the water tank for excellent odour control.

Key Product Features

  • All-in-one unit containing water droplet cannon, water tank and generator
  • 20kW three-phase generator
  • 40m throw
  • High water output - 1-hour 20m tank life
  • Automatic 340 Degree Oscillation

Key applications

  • Suppressing dust over wide areas outdoors
  • Self-contained solution allows deployment where other units can't get to
  • Airborne Dust
  • Damping down surfaces & stockpiles
  • Odour Control

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