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Dust Equipment

DUSTEX Hydramist 40

This dust suppression unit provides you with an effective, mobile solution for rapidly suppressing dust emissions from open areas, stockpiles, and processes; using fan-propulsion of finely- atomised water droplets.

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Hydramist 40 Dust Suppression Unit

Controls Airborne Dust

Designed to protect the health of those nearby and to prevent damage to local property and the environment

Great Coverage

40m of fine mist coverage

Quick & Easy To Install

The water supply is simply connected via a twist-fit

Ideal For Demolition

The angle of spray can be adjusted, making it ideal for multiple applications

Product Details

Developed from snow-making technology in Scandinavia with high build-quality and robustness, these units are in use across the globe.

The Hydramist 40 is designed to provide large-scale dust suppression on sites where power and water are available.
With an automatic oscillation function, the Hydramist 40 can be set-up to cover a wide area. By mixing a fine mist of water particles in the air, airborne dust particles are intercepted and pulled to the ground.

By dampening down surfaces, dust can be prevented from becoming airborne in the first place. The Hydramist 40 can be set up with a dosing kit to provide odour control. A wheelset can also be provided for the carriage, enabling it to be easily moved around. The
Hydramist 40 should only be supplied with clean water

Key Product Features

  • Built-in silencer
  • Electric tilt actuator
  • Large stainless steel water filter Heating ring (optional)
  • Wheel set (optional)
  • Remote control (optional) Electric water valve (optional)

Key applications

  • Airborne dust
  • Damping down surfaces & stockpiles
  • Odour control
  • Quarrying
  • Demolition
  • Construction
  • Land Remediation
  • Waste Handling
  • Aggregate Processing
  • Heavy Industry
  • Composting
  • Recycling
  • Mining

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DUSTEX Hydramist 40 Photos

Hydramist 40 Dust Suppression Unit for Hire
Hydramist 40 Dust Suppression Unit Australia

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