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Dust Equipment

DUSTEX Hydramist 15GT

The Hydramist 15GT is an excellent system for emergency odour and/ or dust problems.

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Hydramist 15GT Dust Water Supperssion

Controls Airborne Dust

Designed to protect the health of those nearby and to prevent damage to local property and the environment

Excellent Projectile Range

The 3m height extension enables this suppression unit to project water up to 15m high

Self-Contained Water Supply

Means that this product can be used when a water supply is not easily accessible

Portable & Durable

This unit is on wheels, making it easy to move from one place to another

Product Details

Incorporating its own diesel generator and 1,100ltr water tank, it can operate without the constraints of a dedicated power or water supply. With a road-tow chassis, this unit can be deployed almost anywhere at very short notice.

Its Rotary misting design emits a fine spray of mist, making it extremely water-efficient and ensuring an extremely long water tank life. By mixing a fine mist of water particles in the air, airborne dust particles are intercepted and pulled to the ground. This suppression unit can project water up to 15m high, and when used with the wind to advantage, it can reach up to 20-25m in range.

By dampening down surfaces, dust can be prevented from becoming airborne in the first place. Neutralising agents can also be added to the water tank for controlling odours.
If power is available in the required position, the generator can be bypassed and the unit run from the mains instead. The Hydramist 15GT should only be supplied with clean water.

Key Product Features

  • 15m throw
  • Self-sufficient – includes generator and water tank
  • Extremely water efficient – 6 hour+ tank life
  • 340 manual oscillation
  • 3m extendable mast

Key applications

  • Airborne Dust
  • Damping down surfaces & stockpiles
  • Odour Control

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Hydramist 15GT Dust Water Supperssion for Hire

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