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Dust Equipment

DUSTEX Clearblast 900

The Clearblast Filter Unit is a self-contained dust extractor designed to operate usually via a ductwork system extracting from the dust source.

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Dustex Clear Blast 900 Self-Contained Dust Extractor

Powerful & Effective

Designed specifically for grit blast dust extraction

High Performance

7650 m3/hr airflow

Suitable For Use With Ducting

Enabling you to find the most suitable position for the machinery, without losing pressure

ATEX Compliant HEPA Filtration

Providing HEPA quality in hazardous environments

Product Details

As dust enters the Filter Unit, the hopper inlet internal baffle plate encourages heavier particles to fall into the waste bin. Lighter dust particles are trapped by the filter media and clean air is discharged to atmosphere through the fan chamber outlet.

Key Product Features

  • ATEX Compliant HEPA
  • Secondary Filtration
  • Self Contained Dust Filter Unit
  • Automatic Shaker-Motor Cleaning Cycle
  • Optional Duct Work Connection
  • 7650 m3/hr Airflow

Key applications

  • Gritblasting
  • Sandblasting
  • Fine dust filtration

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Dustex Clear Blast 900 Self-Contained Dust Extractor for Hire
Dustex Clear Blast 900 Self-Contained Dust Extractor Hire Australia