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Climex® Equipment

RVT offers both heating and cooling temperature control solutions. The Climex range includes; fan heaters, electric heaters, indirect oil-fired heaters, dehumidifiers, evaporative coolers and air-conditioning units.

Climate Control FAQ's

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Is an indirect oil-fired heater more effective than an electric heater?

If you are drying out a damp building in the winter, or drying out plaster, an indirect oil-fired heater will be much more effective. This is because the dry heat raises the room temperature and so lowers the relative humidity of the air, therefore allowing the air to absorb more water from surrounding surfaces. The constant air movement also ensures that plaster dries evenly, unlike electric heaters which tend to produce heat spots which increases the potential for cracks.

Do RVT offer electric heaters?

Yes, RVT offer 3kW, 15kW and 18kW electric fan heaters; we also offer convector heaters and oil-filled rads for office heating.

However, if you are looking for a large-scale heating solution, it is worth noting that a 150kW mobile indirect oil-fired heater is 50 times more effective than a traditional 3kW red rad!

Do RVT offer cooling equipment?

Yes, RVT offer Air Conditioning units, Air Handler Units, Evaporative Coolers and Floor Fans.

How does a dehumidifier work?

A dehumidifier draws in air from the room, the air is then passed over a chilled coil, which condenses the water out of the air, before the dry air is forced back into the room. Needless to say, similar to an air conditioning unit, a dehumidifier works best when windows and doors are closed (or the room is sealed).

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