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Climate Equipment

CLIMEX Indirect Oil Fired Heater 200M

Industrial sized heater for the construction industry

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Ideal for Drying Out

Warm, dry, heat ensures that moisture is quickly removed from the air


Providing 13000m3 heated air flow per hour, this unit is ideal for drying out large new builds


This 200kW heater is 90% efficient; ultimately saving you money!

Large Scale

This 200kW heater is mobile, making it easy to move around site as work progresses

Product Details

RVT's 200kW indirect oil-fired heater can achieve up to 90% efficiency, making this a highly effective and cost efficient solution for drying out large new builds. This site heater also features an adjustable thermostat so that you can remain in control of the heat output. This is one of the largest mobile heaters available on the market; making it easier to move around site than some alternative static heater options. Furthermore, this unit is compatible with HVO fuel; a greener alternative to red diesel.

How would this unit be set up on site?

They are generally sited externally ducting the heat into the building or enclosed area via flexible ducting, providing a positive pressure which allows large volumes of space to be heated from a single heater. With the flow of warm heat through a building moisture is released from surfaces often eliminating the need of dehumidifiers in a drying out programme.

Upgrade to our New Wireless Thermostat

This unit features an integrated thermostat as standard, however you may prefer to upgrade to a wireless thermostat for a small additional cost. Please ask us for pricing when you book your heater!

Key Product Features

  • Output - 200kW
  • Excellent Fuel Economy - 90% Efficient
  • Requires a single 415v supply
  • Mobile - Easy to reposition on site
  • Thermostat options
  • Capable of long duct runs to ensure even warm air distribution
  • HVO Heater - This unit is compatible with HVO fuel

Key applications

  • Drying out of large new build construction projects
  • Heating or maintaining ambient temperatures
  • Temporary heater hire

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