Case Study Overview

IR4 is an automatic solutions-based company that specialises in robotic welding for large-scale projects. IR4 is known within the industry for developing ground-breaking structural steel automation technology.
The process of developing the projects includes large amounts of welding, which creates a lot of toxic fumes that are dangerous to the health of all those nearby. So RVT was called to provide their expertise in solving this issue.


The nature of IR4’s work includes constantly changing parameters and challenges that need to be overcome daily. The one challenge that led IR4 to contact RVT Group, was their need to do weld tests using 'flux core' wire. Flux core wire is a very useful and versatile welding wire, but it produces dangerous smoke that is harmful to anyone around it.

The weld tests being undertaken required intense supervision by a team of engineers during live welding operations. This means that there was a risk of multiple people being exposed to harmful fumes.

An extraction system was required to capture the fumes at the source and filter them, removing the exposure risk.


A RAVEX Mobile Welding fume filter was brought into the IR4 warehouse to capture and filter the fumes generated by the welding tests.

RAVEX Mobile Welding Fume Filter
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The operations manager was very impressed with the unit, as it handled everything that they threw at it.

Its ease of operation, mobility, and the fact that the unit operates on a standard 10A power plug was very appealing to the team.

They were unimpressed with previous complex filtration units that they have had experiences with and to them, the RAVEX unit was a breath of fresh air.


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