Case Study Overview

Icon Interiors came to RVT seeking some health and hazard controls for the dust control and diesel particulate build-up that would take place during an office block refurbishment.

They are a company that specialises in refurbishment and high-end office fit-outs. They were working on renovating and refurbishing a 1,635 square metre office block located at 559 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne.


The client identified several potential hazards they need to protect against; such as Aspergillus, a toxic mould that is present in old buildings, lethal crystalline silica dust, diesel exhaust particulates and of course the ever-present risk of COVID-19 transmission.


Icon hired a Wandafilta extraction system with three-stage HEPA 13 filter and 99.97% filtration efficiency and this ensures moulds and germ spores, lethal silica dust and diesel particulates are captured and contained.


Icon Interiors


North Melbourne

Products Used