Case Study Overview

London skyscraper, dubbed ‘The Scalpel’, opened in 2018. Construction began in 2013 after the demolishment of three buildings and establishment of the foundations. Byrne Bros was commissioned to construct all the reinforced concrete elements within the development. Work included the excavation of the top-down basement of the tower, and a shaft was constructed for these works.


Workers needed to be protected from poor air quality and the build-up of diesel fumes in the shaft. Comprehensive support was required in the hire of the equipment and the logistics of delivering and fetching the fans, considering the vehicle compliance requirements on site.


RVT calculated that 30,00m3/hr of fresh air was required to counteract the fumes. Two Ventex CF 450S, each with 24m of 450mm flexible ducting were positioned at ground level with the ducting running into the furthest points of the excavation. Fresh air was forced into the shaft to ensure that fumes were diluted and displaced, protecting the site operatives.


Byrne Bros


Central London

Products Used