Case Study Overview

A new, upgraded sewage system for London is being built; the new 25km Thames Tideway tunnel will reduce the amount of sewage waste entering the River Thames by 95 per cent. For the TMB (tunnel boring machine) to be launched, a vertical shaft was constructed. It was therefore vital to maintain good air quality within the shaft.


Working in a shaft is extremely high risk; Thames Tideway required a ventilation solution that would provide good quality air for the workers, especially as diesel plant was also operating in the shaft.


The entire shaft construction took place within a 23m high acoustic ‘head house’, minimising noise and light pollution. Taking into account the diesel plant and the possible gasses that could be present in the shaft, a bespoke ventilation system was designed, which included two Ventex CF 800S units, each providing 50,400m³/h of airflow.




Carnwath Road Riverside, London

Products Used