Case Study Overview

Collaroy Beach is a very popular surf beach in Sydney's Northern Beaches area. At the peak of the holiday season, a temporary diesel generator had to be installed in the very densely populated area, potentially exposing nearby residents and beach visitors to harmful operating noise.

To avoid noise complaints, the communications contractor, in charge of the generator, approached the team at RVT Group after a solution to assist with sound attenuation.


Being in a popular tourist spot, the contractor wanted a noise control solution that was as non-disruptive as possible to the residents and holidaymakers, as well as to the general flow of the area.


We audited the clients and their needs and recommended they use the SOUNDEX Generator Exhaust attenuator together with the SOUNDEX generator enclosure.

These hazard control equipment is positioned on top of the generator over the exhaust exit, and are customisable to fit around any sized genset. Both options are modular and take up very little space onsite, adding barely any more area to the generator.

This noise barrier solution provided an effective and noticeable reduction in noise overall.

Residents and holidaymakers living close to the generator expressed thanks to the team, remarking how effective the system was at quietening down the operating noise.


Tricomms National


Collaroy Beach, NSW

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