Case Study Overview

The QLD Gallery of Modern Art is a large art museum located within the South Bank precinct of Brisbane, Australia.

The installation of a new exhibition included extensive fibreglass welding works. Fibreglass welding fumes can be harmful if inhaled, and particles can permanently damage the eyes and lungs. An isolated area was constructed where the welding was to occur, and extraction of the fumes was needed.

The team at QAGOMA approached RVT Group for help. They were seeking control and efficient extraction of the fumes that would be produced during the welding - for the outcome of reducing the risk of fume exposure for the gallery workers.


If inhaled in sufficiently large quantities, exposure to fumes generated by fibreglass welding can be extremely harmful. It should be avoided as much as possible. as these fumes can damage lungs, eyes and even the nervous system.

The art gallery conducted welding in a sealed and isolated temporary enclosure. The gallery staff working on the art installation were close by, so keeping them safe was the major priority.

The RAVEX Carbon Fume Filtration Kit was commissioned to extract the fumes out of the area. This was very effective and brought the enclosure under negative pressure meaning that there was no risk of fume migration to other areas of the gallery.


RVT Group provided Raptor Pro for the client. The Raptor Pro is adaptable for all extraction needs and was adapted to suit fume extraction.

Raptor Pro
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It uses a 2-stage filtration system, with the second stage being an activated Carbon filter. This kit is highly effective in filtering and extracting fumes, from over 30-meters away into a low traffic area outdoors. This provided the personnel onsite protection from fume exposure.

The team onsite was impressed with the ease of operation and effectiveness of the unit.


QAGOMA - QLD Art Gallery


QLD Art Gallery, Brisbane