Case Study Overview

A client undergoing a large residential property renovation in East Brisbane approached RVT Group for help controlling dust and other harmful particulates during floor tile removal.

The property owners were living in a separate area of the home throughout the renovation process, and they were concerned about silica dust and the risk of the hazardous dust migrating to the living zones. They were after a solution that would capture and filter the dust and prevent it from spreading and causing unnecessary health risks.


Crystalline Silica can be found in a high percentage of construction materials. Concrete, bricks, tiles, mortar, and engineered stone all can contain elements of Silica. Cutting, grinding, sanding, drilling or demolishing products that contain silica can generate respirable particles of crystalline silica dust. If this dust is breathed in, it is extremely harmful to your lungs.

The dust needed to be effectively captured and removed at the source, as well as to prevent dust migration to other areas of the property.


After an initial audit, RVT Group decided to use the powerful DUSTEX Raptor Pro. This was the choice to remove the risk of silica exposure during the renovations.

DUSTEX Raptor Pro
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The Raptor Pro is a self-contained mobile dust filtration unit. It is designed to work with the highest level of HEPA filter extraction of dust. It captures and filters dust from a wide range of applications, in a wide range of work environments.

The Raptor Pro unit was used onsite for the entire duration of the tile removal process. With the capture hood placed as close as possible to the source of the dust, it was able to easily capture the dust hazard and filter it. There was no dust migration to the other areas of the home, and the silica hazard was removed.


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