Case Study Overview

Modern and spacious wards are being built as part of a significant £485 million redevelopment project at The Royal Sussex County Hospital. On completion, 200 inpatient beds will be moved into the new accommodation and 65% of all rooms will be en-suite. By 2024, staff and patients will benefit from over forty redesigned wards and two new buildings.


Work is mainly focused on stripping walls back and re-plastering which creates large amounts of dust. As it is vital for hospital life to continue as normal, dust control to prevent cross-contamination into the clinical wards is a constant priority.


RVT suggested the self-contained Dustex Raptor; a relatively quiet unit that would filter dust efficiently without disturbing patient care. This unit comes complete with casters for ease of movement and has a detachable lid to enable filters to be cleaned, checked and changed when necessary.




Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton

Products Used