Case Study Overview

UNITA approached RVT Group Australia with a need for a filtration solution to extract the paint fumes from the area. This was during refurbishment works of the Ballroom at the Sofitel Hotel in Brisbane.

Due to the enclosed nature of the site with the Ballroom being inside the building, it was not possible to safely vent the fumes out into the atmosphere. Additionally, there were areas of the hotel that needed to remain open to the public.

So a solution was needed to protect them from the health hazard that can be a result of fume exposure.


A high percentage of indoor-based paints have the potential to release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the air. These VOCs are chemical pollutants that are emitted in gas form. High levels of exposure to VOCs from paint, can cause damage to the nervous system, liver, and kidneys, as well as be a cause of some types of cancer.

The site location was in the middle of the hotel building, and the fumes could not be vented out into the atmosphere. So a compact and temporary filtration was required on-site to extract and filter the fumes, to then protect the workers and hotel guests.


Two RAVEX Carbon Fume Filtration Kits were added to the site to extract and filter the fumes. The RAVEX Carbon Fume Filtration Kit can be used to manage gases, vapours, and odours in situations where it is not possible to safely vent them out to the atmosphere.

Ravex Carbon Fume Filtration Kit
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The filtration kits are used in the filter configuration along with a powerful VENTEX 300M Centrifugal Fan to extract as much of the hazardous fumes as possible.

Ravex Fume Extraction Kit
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Carbon filters, which made up of activated charcoal, work on the chemical process of adsorption, where molecules that make contact adhere to the large internal surface area of the carbon. Carbon filters have the capacity to reduce most contaminants and will absorb and retain a variety of chemicals at the same time.


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Sofitel Hotel, Brisbane

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