Case Study Overview

The Shafston Towers apartment complex suffered a major switchboard failure. This meant that an emergency diesel generator had to be brought to the complex, to supply power to the residents.

When in use, the generator creates a lot of noise. This would cause disruption and displeasure for the tower residents

To avoid noise complaints, the Body Corporate committee approached RVT Group, urgently seeking a solution to assist with sound attenuation.


Due to the established nature of the site, unfortunately, the generator had to be placed in the car park of the complex, which was in very close proximity to occupied units. The constant 24hour operating noise of the generator was a nuisance to the residents and urgent noise control was needed.

The access was also limited, so the noise barrier SOUNDEX Generator Enclosure was the perfect fit due to the custom modular nature of the frame. It only took up a very small footprint around the generator but provided the much-needed noise attenuation. And more importantly, with minimal interruption for the resident and for the traffic entering and leaving the site.


A SOUNDEX Generator Enclosure and a SOUNDEX Generator Exhaust Attenuator were installed on-site, providing a 15 – 20dB noise reduction overall. The noise recorded outside of the enclosure is around 63dB, which is about as loud as a normal conversation between two people.

The complete system was set up on-site within 24hours of the client contacting RVT, combined with the difference it has made to the noise levels has resulted in a very impressed Body Corporate committee and happy tower residents.


Shafston Tower


Kangaroo Point, Brisbane

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