Case Study Overview

RVT Group was approached by Douglas construction and Engineering to help manage the operating noise produced by two diesel generators at a major shopping centre.

The site was a retail precinct in Burleigh waters. It was a newly constructed premises which were completed and opened in time for Christmas trade. However, the utilities were not yet connected, thus requiring a temporary generator power.


The two generators were operating under maximum load, servicing multiple shop tenancies. This resulted in impact noise restrictions imposed by the local council for the area. Next door to the site was a commercial office building premises which added to the noise control requirements. RVT Group was approached to provide a solution to reduce the noise created by this machinery.

Furthermore, space to move around on site was also limited as the equipment was in loading zones in a high-traffic area.


The SOUNDEX Generator Enclosure was an ideal option due to the custom modular nature of the frame. While only taking up a very small footprint around the generator, it provided the needed noise attenuation but with minimal interruption to the traffic entering and leaving the areas.

As well as the generator noise barrier enclosure, a SOUNDEX Generator Exhaust Attenuator was installed onsite to assist with the noise attenuation.

This total package provided an approximate 20dB (or a 100 times) reduction in noise, resulting in a satisfied client and no noise complaints reported from the shop owners or neighbouring offices.


Douglas Construction & Engineering


Burleigh Waters, Queensland

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