Case Study Overview

A large Narangba-based manufacturer, that produces for the agricultural industry, engaged RVT Group to assist them with an extraction solution in their work facility.

The staff here work with powdered chemical products. During the transfer of materials between production machinery and storage containers, the health of the staff was at risk with the dust hazard created.

RVT Group provided a Dustex Raptor portable dust filtration unit to remedy this issue.


Due to the nature of the work carried out in this manufacturing facility, a dedicated work zone was required. This is in addition to an extraction solution that was both compact and effective.
One of the hard limits within the facility is that the chemical powder dust, generated from the work activities, should not be released beyond the same work zone.

The client also wanted a solution that was portable and could be easily moved around due to the many different activities carried out in the area.

Using the Raptor with its triple filtration system allowed for the air to be deposited back into the atmosphere without any further exposure risk.


The DUSTEX Raptor is a multi-purpose and compact extraction solution and can capture any airborne contaminants produced by dust-creating activities.

Dustex Raptor
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We came with the solution of the Dustex Raptor for this client. The Raptor was commissioned in the work bay of this facility, and the capture hood was elevated directly above the area where the dust is being created -This efficiently took away the chemical powder dust and keep the staff safe from breathing in the harmful particles.

The contaminated air passes through the 3-stage filtration process inside the Raptor, and the clean air is extracted into a low-traffic area away from the busy work zone and the staff onsite.

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Narangba, Moreton Bay

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