Case Study Overview

Our Client and business partner Trieste Global needed a solution for dust control for the cutting of tiles on multiple floors of the Mirvac Construction site at 80 Ann St, Brisbane. This is the new state of the art building which will become Suncorp's new home in Queensland. Their work involves cutting and moving tiles around, which creates a lot of dust and noise. As always we applied our ‘Capture, contain and control’ methodology.


Cutting tiles creates fine dust containing the deadly respirable silica, this cannot be left to spread on the site and harm contraction workers.


RVT Group recommended a Dustex Raptor unit coupled with duct and capture hood, installed in our Soundex Multi Purpose enclosure.

The capture hood and Raptor unit’s three stage HEPA filtration system ensures the complete capture of the dust. Whilst the Soundex enclosure ensures that we can contain dust in the area, and the multi adjustable fan system of the raptor ensures control of the negative pressure are to prevent any ingress and spread over the site. All in all RVT Group provided a complete solution.


Suncorp (via Trieste Global)


Brisbane City

Products Used